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Big Changes Coming To Local Nightlife, Street Food & Medical Marijuana

Posted by Kate Bergman on July 20th, 2011

This week, the Seattle City Council made three moves that will change the future of nightlife, street food and marijuana availability in Fremont, let alone all of Seattle.

We start with the nightlife, where Mayor McGinn’s proposal to change and/or extend bar hours in order to stagger police coverage was officially backed by the Council. The resolution let cities set their own bar-closing times, which could mean staggered schedules that make life easier for law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned rule changes to Seattle street food vendors got the blessing of the City Council as well. Now, don’t expect a free-for-all of taco trucks to swarm Fremont. There’s going to be a lot of regulations and fees that street vendors will have to adhere to. Also, vendors will be forbidden from parking within 50 feet of food businesses, schools and building entrances. That said, expect to see a lot more street food vendors in town when the remaining questions are answered and the trucks start rolling in.

Finally, the City Council voted Monday to approve a series of regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries. While still illegal on a federal level, the medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to operate locally, given that they comply with new regulations.

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