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New food truck to serve New Zealand-style pies

August 7th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

By Almeera Anwar

Many people in Wallingford are familiar with the local food trucks that serve cuisine from across the world, and soon 314Pie will be added to that list. They’ll be cooking up New Zealand and Australian style pies, many in traditional savory flavors such as steak and onion, lamb and mushroom and even some green curried vegetables.

The idea to serve up these authentic pies to local Seattle residents came out of years of traveling to Antarctica, according to Deke Kotrla, one of 314Pie’s founders. He was working in IT and traveled there for business, always having layovers in New Zealand where he would look forward to consuming these savory pies any chance he could.

“They’d be equivalent to the hot dogs you get in gas stations here in America, they’re just everywhere!” Said Kotrla, “But they are always so much more delicious than the hot dogs you get at gas stations here. They’re also popular in bakeries and we are modeling ours off the more traditional New Zealand bakery ones.”

Casey Cooper, Kotrla’s old friend and future business partner, had studied culinary arts and was working in bakeries around Seattle, such as Julia’s Bakery and the Tom Douglas Bakery, while Kotrla was in Antarctica. But Cooper had wanted to start a bakery of his own and was in the middle of looking for a location when Kotrla reached out. Cooper quickly convinced Kotrla that they could merge their passions into one concept. After they realized that finding a location would be difficult given the real estate market, they decided to be even more entrepreneurial and start a food truck.

So far the two have seen a lot of success and have enjoyed compiling new recipes along the way. As Kotrla says, “I love that you can take any recipe for a classic stew, thicken it up and put it in a pie. You can put basically anything that tastes good with a bowl and a spoon and know it will taste even better in a pie shell.”

To help the launch they started a Kickstarter and have raised $9,187 of their $10,000 goal through donations from 236 backers, as of Tuesday afternoon. The money from this Kickstarter campaign will help them to finish the food truck itself, such as giving it a new coat of paint and special ordering propane tanks from England.

Photo by Deke Kotrla

They have now been planning for about six months and are just waiting for the last of the fix-ups to the truck and for the final paperwork for the licensing process before they can officially begin selling. They hope to start in Wallingford and eventually branch into other locations around Seattle neighborhoods.

Kotrla says it’s been interesting to introduce Americans to the classic New Zealand meat pies, noting that many people in the U.S. grew up with chicken pot pies that were taken out of the freezer and popped into a microwave or oven, but that was pretty much it.

“We’re not unfamiliar with the idea of pies, but usually when people hear the word ‘pie’ they expect an apple pie or a fruit pie and we’re hoping people don’t come up to the truck and expect that.”

Kotrla expects the food truck and pies to be a successful here in Seattle based on the warmth and comfort they offer. He notes that food trucks are popular in the summer but tend to go into hibernation for the winter since people don’t venture outside as much. However, since these pies are hearty and warm, he hopes they’ll be worth the trek outside.

“It may take a while for people to get used to it since it’s new, but I know that once people try them they are going to love them,” says Kotrla, “It’s just a matter of getting them to take that first bite.”

Photos above: first of Casey Cooper, taken by Joshua Meisels. Second of Deke Kotrla, taken by Casey Cooper

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Upcoming summer camps at Seattle Tilth still open

July 26th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

Even though we’re in the middle of the summer, Wallingford-based Seattle Tilth still has some open spots for kids’ summer camps. The camps are offered at the Good Shepherd Center (4649 Sunnyside Avenue North) in Wallingford. Here are a few classes that are still open:

Slimy Creatures: ages 3-5

  • Mon. & Tues., August 6 & 7; 10 a.m.-noon
  • Explore the world of slugs, snails, worms and other slippery critters. Learn their role in the garden. Go on a slug hunt, charm snails from their shells and hold live, wiggly worms! Slimy!

Bug School: ages 3-5

  • Thurs. & Fri., August 9 & 10; 10 a.m.-noon
  • Insects are our friends. Dive into a fantastic exploration of garden insects. Learn anatomy, build bug houses, and discover how to invite beneficial insects to your own garden.

Fantastic Flowers: ages 3-5

  • Mon. & Tues., August 27 & 28; 10 a.m.-noon
  • Flowers are fantastic! They provide beauty and attract many beneficial insects to our gardens. Taste edible flowers, find a garden rainbow and make an outrageous bouquet. Plant flower seeds to grow in your own garden.

Plant Planet: ages 6-10

  • Mon.-Fri., July 30-Aug. 3; 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Now is the perfect time to plant your fall and winter garden. Set up a plant nursery, plant seed flats and take seeds home to grow. Create your own seed catalog and garden journal.

Junior Counselor Program: ages 10-14

If your teen or preteen loves gardening and working with younger students, this is for them! Junior Counselors help set-up and clean-up garden activities, assist Children’s Garden staff, lead small group activities and learn more about organic gardening. Week-long placements offer all the fun of summer camp with the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Jr. Counselors come 30 minutes before campers arrive and stay 30 minutes after campers depart to help set-up and clean-up (these setup/cleanup times are built into the listings below). Leadership training and orientation provided. Jr. Counselors will be entering grades 5-9 in fall 2012 (or equivalent). Mon.-Fri., August 20–24; 8:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.

For a full list of classes still available, visit Seattle Tilth’s summer camp page.

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Parkour Summit at Gas Works this weekend

July 18th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

On Saturday, July 21, Seattle’s Parkour Visions will host an invitational obstacle course at Gas Works Park. The course will feature some top parkour athletes from the U.S. and Canada, including some who were featured on TV shows American Ninja Warrior and Jump City: Seattle, according to Parkour Visions. The event is part of the three-day Seattle Parkour Summit.

Footage from last year’s summit in Seattle

The competition is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., followed by a hands-on parkour class for beginners, intermediates, and advanced parkour athletes from 3 to 5:30 p.m. There will be an open training session following the class, and a barbecue at 8 p.m.

According to Parkour Visions, “parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles effectively and swiftly using only our bodies. Fundamentals include running, jumping, crawling, and climbing, in order to pass over, under, around and through obstacles in the everyday world.”

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Take an urban farm tour this weekend

July 11th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

On Saturday, July 14, Seattle Tilth is hosting a chicken coop and urban farm tour, with several stops in Wallingford and surrounding neighborhoods. The tour includes 50 families in total who will showcase their coops and/or farms, allowing participants to get up close and personal with chickens, ducks, quail, geese, rabbits mini dairy goats, honey bees, a pig, and even cows and horses (in farms just outside the city).

From Seattle Tilth:

The sites are diverse. Many incorporate salvaged materials and inspiring display of resourcefulness. Coops range from minimalist to elaborate and are designed by both amateurs and professional coop builders. Come see a commercial veggie farm in the city, a New Orleans style row house coop, Seattle 4-H club headquarters with bunnies and chickens, a container garden in an office building, an urban farm school for preschoolers with chickens and a pig, solar-powered automatic doors, converted dog kennels, outdoor hydroponics and an urban farm bed and breakfast.

The tour is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and tickets ($12 for adults, $5 for kids) can be bought online or in Wallingford at the Seattle Tilth office at the Good Shepherd Center (4649 Sunnyside Ave N Ste 100). You can see the photo preview on Seattle Tilth’s Facebook page.

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Scenes from the Wallingford Family Festival

July 8th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

The sun made a stunning appearance this weekend, which was perfect for Saturday’s annual Wallingford Family Festival and Parade.

Here are some photos from the event:

Photos by Almeera Anwar

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Hot Tub Boats hit it big on Seattle waters

July 3rd, 2012 by Kate Bergman

By Almeera Anwar

It’s been called one of the most luxurious things imaginable and many who have tried it would agree. It’s a hot tub inside of a boat, and we can thank two local Seattleites for coining the idea.

Photo courtesy Kelly Norton & Adam Karpenske

Adam Karpenske and Kelly Norton joke that their business was born out of necessity and for an escape from wet Seattle winters. Karpenske fathered the idea for Hot Tub Boats when he wanted to put a hot tub on his boat, but did not have enough room to install it, so he approached Norton and the company blossomed from there.

Norton, co-founder of the company, said that everything happened incredibly quickly from there. They started building their first boat in November, which is already available for rental, and there are many more boats on the way. The company is located on the water just off of Westlake Ave North in Wallingford.

For a company that is operating as a very young start-up, they’re getting a lot of attention. They’ve been featured on CNN and Headline News, with much more coverage to come.

“It’s a little overwhelming and hard to grasp,” said Norton, “We’re so busy that we are just focused on the project and it’s hard to see how much attention we’re actually getting.” Just this past week, they offered a boat up for auction to be used on Lake Union for the 4th of July. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Center for Wooden Boats.

“It was such a new thing, this was really about testing it out,” said Norton. “We had no idea what the interest would be or what people would be willing to pay.” The boat ended up going for just over the hourly rental rate. Rentals start at $139 for two hour trips on weekdays, Monday to Thursday, and go down based on the amount of time that the boat is rented; for example, it’s $119 for 4 hours. Weekends, Friday and Saturday, is the same system but $20 more per session. Overnight rentals are also available for people who have a place to tie the boat up. The boat can accommodate six people while underway and eight when docked.

Their patent is pending, but this company is moving forward at full force. Right now they are aiming to get a strong rental fleet onto Lake Union and then expand rentals to other parts of the country. They also would like to try selling the boats abroad and have even launched an online store that sells Hot Tub Boat memorabilia.

Norton adds that even though everything is happening quickly, they are loving the journey and enthusiasm behind their idea.

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EveryBlock hosts block party contest for Seattle Night Out

July 2nd, 2012 by Kate Bergman

Seattle Night Out is one of the best summer nights in Seattle, where neighborhood blocks throw parties all over the city on the first Tuesday in August. This year, it falls on August 7, and EveryBlock Seattle is running a contest for one lucky block to get their party catered by Skillet for up to 100 people.

Photo from last year’s Seattle Night Out in Ballard

To enter your block in the running for the contest, sign up at EveryBlock and say why you love your block and why it should win the grand prize. Three runners-up will be eligible to have the EveryBlock ice cream truck visit their block party. They’ll also give out five copies of the Skillet cookbook in a random drawing.

To take part in Seattle Night Out, register your block at the official Night Out website.

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New bus lane on Aurora Avenue North

June 26th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

The southbound curb lane of Aurora Avenue North has been converted into a bus and right-turn-only lane, also known as a “BAT” lane (Business Access and Transit). According to the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), the lane will start south of the Dexter Avenue off-ramp and continue south to Mercer Street. Crews worked on striping over the weekend, and the lane is now in service.

SDOT says King County Metro Transit will be starting RapidRide E Line service on Aurora Avenue North in 2013, but asked the City to install the lane earlier to keep buses moving during several ongoing construction projects. The Aurora corridor serves around 30,000 passengers everyday, and SDOT says using the southbound BAT lane will allow Metro to, “establish the travel pattern for both current and future service on Aurora, instead of changing it repeatedly to work around construction projects.”

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Seattle Spoke & Food event Tuesday night

June 25th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

Tomorrow, restaurants across the city will participate in the third annual Spoke & Food event, “an evening of dining and bikes” where restaurants will donate 20 percet of their revenue to the FamilyWorks Resource Center & Food Bank. In Wallingford, Julia’s is participating, and the Wallingford Center is the neighborhood sponsor.

The event will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday night. The event was started three years ago, “by a group of friends as a way to influence the culture of Seattle, to build community and to show how easy and fun bicycling to and from dinner, while also raising money for charity,” according to a press release about the event. For more information, click here.

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Wallingford greenway now complete

June 15th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

As we’ve reported before, Wallingford is the first neighborhood to receive a ‘greenway,’ which is an alternative and safer route for bikes and pedestrians. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced today that the Wallingford Greenway is now complete, and this Saturday, bicyclists and pedestrians in Wallingford will celebrate the installation of Seattle’s first Neighborhood Greenway along N 43rd and N 44 th streets between Stone Way N and Latona Avenue NE.

Map of Seattle’s proposed greenways

From SDOT:

Traffic calming improvements include adding a green bike box(es) at 43rd/Wallingford, 44th/Latona, and 44th/Thackery; constructing a median at 43rd and Stone Way; adding on-street parking and installing signs to reinforce existing parking restrictions; as well as the addition of new directional signs and pavement markings. The new Greenway provides access to Wallingford Center, Wallingford Playfield, Hamilton International School and the school programs located in the Lincoln High School building. It also offers an alternative route to using busier N 45th Street.

The official opening of the Wallingford Greenway is this Saturday, June 16 at 5 p.m. Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, SDOT Director Peter Hahn and community members are hosting a ribbon cutting across N 44th Street at Corliss allowing Kidical Mass—a family bike ride for kids of all ages—to pass through.

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Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade this weekend

June 14th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

This weekend is the annual Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade.

The Fremont Fair will kick off with music from 4 to 11 p.m. on Friday night with music from Kissing Potion, Unite-One, Soul Senate, Lucky Brown and Altered States of Funk, and Yogoman Burning Band featuring SambAmore at the Redhook Main Stage.

On Saturday, the Solstice Parade starts at noon in downtown Fremont, and is put on by the Fremont Arts Council. As usual, there will be painted naked cyclists galore making their way from downtown Fremont to Gas Works Park. But, new this year is the “We the People Power Festival” at Gas Works Park from 1 to 7 p.m. According to the event’s website, the festival is a,”celebration of sustainable living, people-powered action and grassroots democracy, with hands-on fun for the whole community.”

Sunday at 2:30 p.m. will be the “Dads and Dogs Day,” a dog (and owner) parade that winds through the fair. There will also be “Yoga for the Solstice” and more events. For a full line-up of the weekend’s festivities, visit the Fremont Fair website.

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New parent-support group session in July

June 12th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

In July, the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS) is offering a new parent-support group in Wallingford. It’s called Little Peppers, a group where parents, “meet, share and learn about the joys and challenges of parenting two young children,” according to the PEPS website.

From PEPS:

The Program for Early Parent Support has room for more families in an upcoming session of Little Peppers that takes place at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford. Little Peppers is a group where parents meet, share, and learn about the joys and challenges of parenting two young children. Little Peppers is for families with two children under age three. Meetings are led by a professional facilitator with the help of an assistant to keep the toddlers busy. Babies and children remain in the room with their parents for the entire meeting – which makes for a busy and exciting morning!

The summer session of Little Peppers will meet on Tuesdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. starting July 10. The program fee for the 8-week session is $120. Scholarships are available.

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Fall soccer signups for Woodland Soccer Club

June 5th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

There’s still time to sign up for the fall soccer program with the Woodland Soccer Club. The program is for  kids ages 5 to 18 (kids must be at least 5 by 7/31/12).

According to the club, players are assigned to teams by age. “Players must play on a team in their own age group. Exceptions are sometimes (but not often) allowed for players who wish to play “up” a level.”

Tamari Oki writes that younger players (under 9) play with modified soccer rules:

“Mod Soccer” allows play with fewer players on smaller fields.  This gives the kids more touches on the ball and more involvement.  Each team is made of players of the same age and sex.  The teams play other teams from nearby clubs.  Teams usually play 8 games starting the first weekend after Labor Day.

U7 (born Aug 05 – July 07) kids play on teams of 6 kids each.   The games are 3 vs 3.   Most U7 teams practice once a week.   Games are on Saturdays at Wallingford Park.

See http://www.woodlandsoccer.org/ for more information and to register online.  Seattle Youth Soccer Association recommends that kids play for their neighborhood clubs.  Woodland soccer gives priority registration to new kids living in Woodland boundaries:   between Lake Union and N. 85th st, and then between 8th Ave NW and I-5.

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Two shootings in Seattle, some schools on lockdown

May 30th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

Update, 7 p.m.: The suspect in today’s shootings is alive and receiving treatment at Harborview Medical Center, according to the SPD Blotter. From the Blotter:

It appears that about 30 minutes after the shooting at the cafe, the suspect in the cafe shooting fled to First Hill, where he fatally shot a woman in a parking lot, and stole her SUV.

The suspect then drove the SUV to West Seattle, where he ditched the vehicle, leaving a gun in the car.
After officers found the SUV near Delridge Way SW and SW Dakota Street, SPD flooded the area with uniformed and undercover officers.

Just after 4pm, a plainclothes officer spotted the suspect near 36th Avenue and SW Morgan Street, and called for backup. As uniformed officers approached the suspect, he knelt down to the ground, and shot himself. Medics rushed the man to Harborview for treatment.

Based on evidence recovered during today’s investigations, SPD believes a lone suspect is responsible the murders in Roosevelt and First Hill. Still, neighbors should expect to see a heightened police presence as detectives work to confirm links between the two tragic incidents.

Update, 1:20 p.m.: The SPD says there is a, “heavy police presence in the University District, with K9, SWAT, Homicide detectives, crime scene investigators, and patrol officers all in the area working on the case and searching for the suspect. As a precaution, area residents should keep their doors and windows locked, and to call police if you find any indications someone has tried to break in to your home.” (From the SPD Blotter)

Earlier, 1:00 p.m.: This morning, two deadly and unrelated shootings happened in our city, one downtown and one in the University District. The shooting in the U-District involved a man who shot five people, killing two, at Cafe Racer. Nearby schools (Roosevelt, Eckstein, and Greenlake) were on lockdown as a result. The shooter is still at large.

From our news partners, The Seattle Times:

Seattle police say the shooting happened at Cafe Racer Espresso in the 5800 block of Roosevelt Way Northeast, near the intersection with Northeast Ravenna Boulevard.

Two men are confirmed dead, and one person has life-threatening injuries, police said. Two others also suffered gunshot wounds. One victim is a woman.

…The suspect in the Cafe Racer shooting was described by police as a white man, 30-40 years old, 6-feet-1, with a medium build. He has light brown curly hair, a goatee or beard and was wearing a white and plaid shirt.

The man was last seen running north from the scene. Police urged residents in the area to remain inside.

The shooting downtown happened in front of Town Hall. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) says it was an apparent carjacking. From the Times:

The woman and a man were seen arguing in the parking lot at Eighth and Seneca earlier in the morning, police said. The man shot the woman around 11:30 a.m. and fled in a black Mercedes SUV. It’s unknown at this point whether the vehicle belonged to him.

The SUV later was found in the 4100 block of Delridge Way, but authorities are still searching for the suspect. TV news footage showed what appeared to be a black handgun in the front seat.

The woman in the carjacking incident has died, and the suspect is still at large, according to the SPD. We’ll continue to update with any new information.

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The Drum Exchange hosts ‘Day of Percussion’

May 28th, 2012 by Kate Bergman

Wallingford’s The Drum Exchange is offering a free event on Saturday, June 2 called the “Day of Percussion,” held next door to the store at the Creative Music Adventures Gallery.

Candace Marshall from The Drum Exchange writes that the event will feature a variety of drum and percussion clinics with some professionals: Jeff Busch (Brazilian Percussion), Ernesto Pediangco (Cuban Percussion), Alan Keown (Drumline), Michael Waldrop (Marimba), and Garey Williams (Drumset). Marshall says the clinics are geared toward, “anyone with an interested in learning more about drumming and percussion (youth age 9 & up and adults). We will also have door prizes and other freebies throughout the day.”

Click here for a full list of the day’s events and clinics.

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